This is Why Racism and Religion Are So Prevalent in U.S. Politics

Dirty politics isn't even the word.

Sikander Hayat Khan


Yes, some politicians are just outright bigoted.

But this? No, this is different. This is bigotry — and then some.

I know I’ve seen this before.

Growing up in the developing world, I’ve seen countless examples of politicians with an unmatched lust for power — but with no qualifications to match. They don’t have administrative or technical experience and, more often than not, nor do they have real degrees.

And that’s where the problem starts.

You see, when a politician doesn’t have a positive track-record or qualifications to fall back on, they make vague words, grand statements, and lies their USP. That’s the cover-up. That’s so you don’t see the chinks in their armour. So where the traditional politician, with say decades of experience, expertise, or a plethora of degrees, comes up with a logical and thorough answer to a question, a man like Donald Trump will respond with, “We will do amazing things, I’m telling you. It’ll be so great.”

In an age of populism, that’s what that lures a crowd in. But if you want to win elections, you need to make them stay.

And that’s when they turn to fear.

Why? Because fear is an emotion present in every human being. Our ‘fight or flight’ instincts come from the cave-men. They were either the hunter or the hunted. But since sabre-tooth tigers are no longer chasing us, the politicians had to find someone else for us to fear. And they chose those who “weren’t us.”

In a day and age where Mexicans are treated as White Walkers who must be “kept south of the wall,” where institutionalised racism is rampant and where white-supremacist fanatics have got an entire nation worried, know that that’s exactly what’s happening.

And all this is designed to bind the masses together behind their “protector.” Again, this is deliberate. It’s designed to divert attention from the things that matter — the economy, healthcare, etc. Why? Because they never had the qualifications to deal with those issues in the first place.



Sikander Hayat Khan

Law and politics grad. Masters in Law. Nuance over ideology. Published in The Friday Times. Twitter @SikanderH8.