Palestinians Are Now Living Our Worst Nightmare

We have reached the stage where children have to hold press conferences to beg for their lives

Sikander Hayat Khan
14 min readNov 13, 2023
Photo by hosnysalah / Pixabay

They’re running out of food and water in Gaza. Houses and hospitals have been turned to rubble, with God knows how many trapped underneath. Every day new bodies are uncovered and every day more find themselves trapped beneath the wreckage again.

Over 11,000 have already been killed, including over 4,600 children. Nearly 25,000 (as of November 5) have been injured and thousands (including over a thousand children) are missing. More than 700,000 have been internally displaced.

The daily death rate for children is almost 50x of the war in Syria, 68x of Afghanistan, 90x of Yemen, and 194x of Ukraine. The ‘15,000 tons of explosives’ threshold of the Hiroshima bomb was crossed well over a week ago. Make no mistake, you are watching the second Nakba (“Catastrophe”) in real-time.

The Tragedy of October 7

Before we proceed further, it is necessary to talk about the suffering of innocent Israeli civilians and how we may bring an end to the violence. The picture, otherwise, is incomplete.

It is hard to put into words how many times the Jews have been persecuted throughout…



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